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"We are very satis­fied with the new website from digiCOM. Our Garni hotel and sports fashion shop are now presented in a more modern and clearly laid out manner on a web­site. Guests and cus­tomers can quickly gain an over­view of our offers and prices. "


The Ziernheld Family, Garni & Sportmode Ziernheld, Mals / Burgeis

New look & feel

For your website

For our cus­tomers, we offer an ex­ten­sive spec­trum of ser­vices re­vol­ving around the Inter­net. In­di­vi­dually adap­ted to your wishes and re­quire­ments, to­gether we de­ve­lop a con­cept for your web pre­sence.

The de­velop­ment of diffe­rent con­cep­tual drafts for de­cision-making is an im­por­tant com­po­nent of our work. In the process, we will also gladly re­work your com­pany logo or cor­porate design.

Latest technologies

Always up-to-date for you

Once we de­ter­mine a design guide­line, we will im­ple­ment your inter­net pre­sence follo­wing the latest web stan­dards. Star­ting with an effi­cient Con­tent Ma­nage­ment Sys­tem (CMS), our com­pre­hen­sive wealth of ex­peri­ence in inter­net tech­nolo­gies is at your dis­posal. 

The key words cur­rently asso­cia­ted with the sub­ject are HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3 and res­pon­sive web design.

Current content

Always one step ahead of the market

Once your web site goes public, we can still offer you an ex­ten­sive packet of services: main­te­nance of content and sta­ging of gra­phic ma­terial, con­ti­nu­ous op­timi­sation for search engine queries (SEO), crea­tion and de­livery of news­letters.

You would like to manage the con­tent of your web­site your­self? With our Con­tent Ma­nage­ment Sys­tem Contao, you can do so from any internet access point at any time. De­pen­ding on your cur­rent know­ledge, we will pro­vide you with indivi­dual and very per­sonalised trai­ning.

The digiCOM weather module

Individually adapted to your web presence

Our digiCOM weather mo­dule is an ab­solute bo­nus for your web­site and is cus­tom made for the sport and tourism sector. It is updated auto­matically twice a day with local weather fore­casts from the Privater Wetterdienst Aufwind from Innsbruck.

We offer the weather module in two ver­sions, as a compact weather info service or a com­pre­hen­sive weather fore­cast in four languages: German, English, French and Italian. Upon re­quest, it can be split in two with moun­tain and valley weather.

Weather in Sonthofen

This is what it looks like right now

Schnee-01-02-05.png Schnee-01-02-02.png Sonne-02.png Sonne-01.png
Temperature -2°C/28°F 0°C/32°F 3°C/37°F 7°C/45°F
Sunshine 20% 40% 80% 100%
Freezing level 300m 700m 1100m 3000m


In the Alps, the cold northerly airflow will also persist on Sunday. These conditions will only allow a few clear spells; it will remain very cloudy to overcast and it will snow at times.


On Monday, a stable area of high pressure will build, with clouds dissipating and temperatures rising. And the best news is that there are still many nice days to come!

Last update: 18.01.2020 18:00



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