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The software solution for your sports equipment rental
Increase your success through clarity and speed

We have been working with Rentmaxx in our ski and bike rental facilities for many years. This software is just perfect for our shops. Our employees are able to find their way around quickly and can devote more time to advising our customers. Our customers don't have to wait long and enjoy coming back.

Patrick Gruber-Strasser

Intersport Strasser

Designed, developed and made in Germany

Rentmaxx maps all your sports equipment rental processes in a simple, fast and well-structured manner. The flexible structure of the Rentmaxx Rental Software means that it can easily be expanded to include the Check-In, Online Booking and Depotmaxx modules.


Would you also like to organise your service workshop or your retail operations via software? This isn't a problem with Rentmaxx. As a partner, we also provide a wide range of interfaces to other software providers in the sports industry.


Backed by over 25 years of experience in this field, we are constantly developing our software - always keeping reliability and security in mind.


One solution
Many application possibilities:

  • As single-user, multi-user or branch system solution
  • For 100, 1000, 5000 and more rental items
  • In all areas of rental, service, sales and depot
Weiße Arena | Laax
Weiße Arena | Laax
Weiße Arena | Laax
Neue Skischule Oberstdorf | Söllereck
Ski Point | Serfaus
Sport Speiser | Bolsterlang
DIFFRENT | Finkenberg
Rentmaxx | Cash Desk
Sport Kostenzer | Fügen
Intersport Strasser | Zell am Ziller
Intersport Strasser | Zell am Ziller
Intersport Strasser | Zell am Ziller
Waibel Bikes | Bad Hindelang
Intersport Penz | Nauders
Ski + Snowboard Rental Vacancia | Sölden
Paarsenn Sports | Davos

Service, sales and depot

The integrated service module supports you in your service workshop with the acceptance and management of customer items, the printing of service labels, as well as with meeting deadlines and collection by the customer.


Sales of sports items and accessories in your shop can be processed with our inventory management module, including price marking and inventory control.


A depot module gives you various options for the assignment of depot spaces and their management, for the use of keycard solutions and in interaction with the Depotmaxx Depot System. Existing depot hardware from GANTNER Electronic or Metra Inženiring can easily be connected.

Reservation and booking

Your customers expect perfectly prepared rental equipment, a fast and uncomplicated processing on site and the ability to have everything organised in advance.

The processing of inquiries by phone, email or the internet is supported reliably and comprehensively with Rentmaxx. It is easy to obtain instant information regarding the availability of items or to make immediate reservations directly in the system.


In addition to Rentmaxx Online Booking, import interfaces to online booking systems from SPORT 2000 rent, SKISET, INTERSPORT Rent, ALPINRESORTS, SNOWELL and Waldhart Software are also available.


All booking data transmitted automatically is further processed and used in the Rentmaxx system in a uniform process. This means that received bookings - from a wide variety of online outlets - can be organised and managed easily, quickly and clearly.

Efficient and space-saving working

Would you like to perform your rental process regardless of where your PC workstations are located? The mobile barcode scanners with integrated display allow you to carry out a large number of work steps directly at the customer's premises and on their rental equipment.


The mobile devices are always connected to Rentmaxx, display customer and item data in real time, support you in recording, exchanging and returning rental material and notify you of outstanding rental amounts.


When renting out ski equipment, the binding setting values are ascertained in accordance with ISO 11088 and ISO 13993 standards. All relevant data and values can be viewed on the display directly at the adjustment desk.

ISO 13993 rental standard

Rentmaxx is a reliable tool for ISO 13993 rental standard compliance along with the required documentation. Results of pre-season inspections are registered in the database for the corresponding equipment. Any determined correction factors for a binding component will be taken into account during adjustment calculation in accordance with ISO 11088 and will be indicated by the system when skis are rented out.


An automatic transmission of the measurement and test results to the software is carried out directly after completion. In this case, Rentmaxx also offers communication interfaces with the binding test devices from Montana Sport International and Wintersteiger.

Rentmaxx Online Booking

Win over new customers for your rental all around the clock

Easily available with our Online Booking system

Live Demo

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  • Booking
  • Registration
  • Group Registration
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  • Classic
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  • Obligated reservation of rental equipment via PayPal or Saferpay.
  • Seamless integration with your existing online presence.
  • Simple registration of personal data via the Internet.
  • Considerably accelerated rental processing on-site at the shop.
  • Professional group credentials for cooperation with tour operators and school groups.
  • Enter all group members using a single clear on-line form.


The desired sports equipment can be booked in advance over the internet with Rentmaxx Online Booking. It is possible to pay for the booked equipment immediately online by credit card, by instant bank transfer or with PayPal.


There is a simple online version for registration to supplement the complete booking with shopping cart and payment function. The focus here is on the quick compilation of all important customer data.

Hotels und tour operators

Hotel registration and booking deliver a special service to the guests of your partner hotels. Travel operators and school groups can use the group registration to enter the data of the individual participants in advance. A group list with all group participants and relevant data simplifies your processing.


Rentmaxx Online Booking can also be used without having to install Rentmaxx Rental Software. Every time a booking is received, you will be informed by e-mail.


Please contact us if you require an automatic transfer of booking data into your software.

Rentmaxx Check-In

Greet your customers with our easy-to-understand Check-In

Simplified rental thanks to comprehensive recording of all customer data

Sport Kostenzer | Fügen
Sport Frankhauser | Schwendau
Martin Voigt Ski- und Bikeverleih | Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Neue Skischule Oberstdorf | Söllereck
Skiverleih Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Sport Kostenzer | Fügen
Weisse Arena | Laax
Sport-Alm | Berwang
Rueckenwind | Seefeld
Huski Rentals | Antholz
Schi- und Bergsport Total | Ehrwald
Intersport Penz | Nauders
Waibel Bikes | Bad Hindelang


You can offer your customers a quick and convenient registration process for your sports equipment rental with Rentmaxx Check-In. All relevant data can be entered directly into your software system by your customers and will be available for all your rental processes from this point on.


This makes your check-in point the first point of contact in your shop. The intuitive operation using the clear and sophisticated touch interface supports your customers and simplifies your rentals. This Check-In can be provided as a permanently installed terminal or mobile via tablet.


A wide range of user languages helps your customers navigate their way around right from the start. Numerous illustrations also support the input process.


The check-in interface is available in a wide variety of styles to suit the appearance of your company. The current weather and other customer information can also be displayed directly on the home page.


You can determine the scope of the entry: only the name, the entire address or additional information regarding accommodation, telephone, e-mail or the rental period. A ticket with a barcode is printed out at the end for easy further processing of your rental.


The personal data such as size, weight or skiing level required for setting the ski bindings will be requested in accordance with the standards. If the snowboard rental category is selected, the stance position is determined. It is possible to make further rental-specific queries.


Customer Relations

These work steps, which are handled by your customers, relieve you of necessary routine activities and ensure that the rental process is well-structured. This means you can devote more time to advising and supporting your customers.


What's more, your customer base is enriched with valuable information with each passing season. This allows you to focus on customer care and to create lasting customer loyalty to your company.

Rentmaxx Z-Value

You can determine the initial setting value (Z value, DIN value) for a ski binding in accordance with the weight method (ISO 11088). The result can be printed out as a customer receipt together with the recorded skier values and specifying the customer name and address on any connected printer.


The Z value determined only represents a starting value for the binding adjustment. The correct setting of a ski binding is only guaranteed following a successful check with a binding adjustment and testing device.